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Required reading for cis people.


Gendering babies as soon as they come out of the womb is unnecessary, and causes a lot of problems. This change is so small and can effect so many lives… it really frustrates me when people try to challenge it. So I’m gonna break it down for you.

" Gendering babies is necessary because after birth they need to know whether they’re a boy or a girl so they can treat them properly."

  • Ok, to begin with genetics is much more complicated than just xx and xy. This type of argument totally ignores intersex people, and is invalid for this reason and this reason alone.
  • If that’s not good enough for you, consider the fact that instead of gendering babies, you could just note the sex organs and get the child the care they need based on that note.
  • Additionally, I have looked, and looked, and looked, but have only found articles pertaining to: circumcision, inguinal hernia, and baby names in regards to “proper treatment” based on sex organs. Two of which can be solved be the note on the sex organs the baby possesses, and one of which is baby names, which is weird because it’s almost like names shouldn’t be gendered either. or something..

"Babies don’t know anything about gender so why is this a problem?"

  • Babies don’t know anything about gender, you’re right. Babies, coincidentally do not know about a lot of things. The fact that babies don’t know anything about gender, is more of an argument for why gender shouldn’t be forced on them literally moments after, or even before, they are born.
  • Gendering babies before they know about gender is harmful because trans people often have to feel uncomfortable in their skin for YEARS, and trust me its not a fun feeling. If babies were never gendered as boy/girl to begin with it would be much less difficult to come to terms with the fact that you are trans.
  • Without this cisnormative societal practice more people would feel comfortable with being trans as well.

"It’s been done this way for all of history so why should we change it?"

  • Before you say “all of history” you need to understand a couple of things. 
  • You cannot possibly know the processes for newborns for all of history. Besides this, the history you were likely taught is a product of western imperialism, which tends to erase the history of any and all POC that makes white people look lesser than we have made ourselves out to be.Look up ‘third gender’, read for yourself some of the history that you never learned.

That’s literally every argument I’ve ever seen against this subject. If you’re just going to repeat the arguments that I’ve already explained as not valid, please don’t come into my inbox. Thanks

P.S. I know that saying “its a boy/girl!” is a customary thing to do, but when you think about it? Most people know beforehand , and really you’re just announcing the birth of your child. Unnecessarily gendered birth announcements.