Hi I'm Emily and im probably a disappointment
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ppl in class are comparing racist terms to the term “southern hicks” ooooooooooh my god

why tf is itunes red now


another reason i strongly dislike breeders and ppl who buy pure breeds instead of adopting from shelters (where u can get pure breeds mind you):

ive volunteered at three diff shelters and at each one they were almost constantly overcrowded. you tell ppl no im srry we cant take any more cats and so they start leaving them at the door and then what can you do. half of the time the feral cats we trap are pregnant so we have to find places for kittens and a mom in an overcrowded shelter. not fun

shelters everywhere are filled w animals and youre really going to breed more just bc you wanted them to be pure? thats so selfish and insensitive fuck you 

ive seen so many posts asking for donations and their situation is they found an animal that needs med attention but they cant pay for it and like. honestly the best option is to take it to a shelter bc a lot of them have a vet who does things for them for cheap. you dont know if youll be able to raise enough money so dont put an animals life on the line just bc youre attached to it when you could bring it elsewhere where it will have a better chance of survival idk just my onion 



  • me: *sees somebody watching anime*
  • me: haha nerd
  • me: *goes home and watches anime*
can’t believe people are still freaking out about that shit like yeah i was mad too but get over it

i mean it never bothered me but thats probably bc i feel no connection to that school nor do i rly want to so like 

but like theres nothing that can be done— chill out and wear blue