Hi I'm Emily and im probably a disappointment
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onegaiii literally tho

onegaiii yeee thats my girl


"what would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you?"



im going to see if i can make this short for mobile bloggers. uhmm my name is tidus and i’m a poor trans nb kid in a toxic household and i really need money for clothing, food, and other extra needs for my mental health (i have autism and bpd). so instead of begging for donations i’d like to ask that you pay me $3 in exchange for a cute pixel like this!:


it’s transparent and i can even make tiny gifs (blinking, background hearts moving, etc.)! and that’s about it really i can draw whatever you’d like, and if you need to discuss anything else with me please send me an ask. i only take money through paypal, OR you can buy something from my amazon wishlist in exchange for art! please signal boost this if you haven’t got money i’d really appreciate it thank you so much.

no i take tht back theres One

i honestly dont think ive ever heard a remix that i like



Paris: “yah”

Nicole Richie taught me how to be a friend



end of discussion

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in the history of ever.


#free_69min: ghibli! i worked really hard on these puns okay